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A little bit of Hyper Vis goes a long way when attracting fish.

Purchase Hyper Vis tapes here to revitalize some of those old or underperforming spoons or flashers that are sitting in your tackle box.

Welcome to the future.

In our ongoing quest to optimize your fishing experience with creative designs and premium materials our mission is to provide the best possible trolling spoons on the market that attract more fish, in all conditions. After 6 months of field testing prototypes, perfecting patterns and application, we are extremely proud to be the first Canadian lure manufacturer to integrate Hyper Vis Shimmering Attractor tapes into our lure designs. Hyper Vis tapes out-shine, out-refract and out-perform any other lure tape on the market. We said it and we stand by it!

Hyper Vis patterns are available on all of our proprietary, custom engineered, premium action, brass spoons: elongated teardrop-shaped Triple spoons available in 3", 4", 4-1/2" and 5-1/4" sizes as well as our 3-1/2" elongated Banana flutter spoon.  Many options are also available to customize each lure by adding back tape, hooks or 3D eyes.

The future of fishing is here.  Bling it on! 

Irresistible, high action, top quality, solid brass lures. These elongated teardrop-shaped spoons are available in four sizes - 3", 4", 4-1/2" and 5-1/4". These spoons are engineered to maintain an enticing wobble action that fish can't resist-even while trolling at a higher speed!


Our unique, holographic, glow, UV and Hyper Vis tape designs feature highly reflective scalloped patterns in all of the hottest colour combinations. Many options are also available to customize each lure by adding back tape, hooks or 3D eyes.


We definitely see a Triple Threat triple header in your future! 


This is the ONLY kind of banana that you'll want to have on board! These 3-1/2" solid brass, elongated, banana-shaped flutter spoons are hot, hot, hot for walleye and rainbow!


These beauties have no less than THREE layers of premium tape including dual tone ladder backs. Our brilliant contrasting colour patterns reflect light in both erratic and continuous flashes of kaleidoscope-like patterns that excite even the most uninterested fish.


The penetrating shine from holographic and our Hyper Vis tape has been said to draw predatory fish from up to 50 yards away and will cut through even low visibility water conditions. Great trolling action with killer colour combinations, plus many options to customize such as adding a glow or contrasting ladder to the back. It's bananas!

Past meets present!  By popular demand, we've reinvented the Hookster pattern, circa 1980's and made them available on ALL of our hot action spoon sizes and shapes. Not only have we brought back some of the classic, proven colour combos that made these spoons so popular, but have also added many fresh new designs, circa 2021.


Choose from any of our elongated teardrop-shaped Triple spoons available in 3", 4", 4-1/2" and 5-1/4" sizes or our 3-1/2" elongated Banana flutter spoon. The Hookster Threat design feature high contrast glow, UV and reflective holographic colour combinations with that wicked spiny ladder back that Hooksters were famous for. 


Further customize your spoon with a great selection of back tape colour options.

Hook the big one on our Hookster Threat spoons!




"I've known and fished with Barry for 45 years. As a long time Great Lakes fisherman and guide he's always had a reputation for catching fish. I'm excited to hear that he's finally sharing his secrets with the rest of us! His Triple Threat Lure collection are winners! My best choice for a Great Lakes' trout spoon that's deadly on coho, chinook and walleye is the 'DC Bumblebee'. Black/Charteuse on  one side and glo white on the opposite belly. These spoons have a slow and lethal wobble that fish can't resist. His revival of the old 'Hookster' spoon for walleye, lake trout, steelhead and salmon has really made my day!"

— Darryl Choronzey, Former Host of 'Going Fishing' & Editor of Ontario Fisherman Magazine


"Really excited about the launch of Triple Threat Lures, created by one of my mentors, Captain Barry Nash. Barry has over 40 years as a trolling master on the Great Lakes. Barry's been making spoons for me and some close friends for the last few years. His spoon patterns have been a staple on my boat and I can assure you they catch fish!"

— Captain Paul Powis, JP Fishing Charters


“These Triple Threat spoons are sure turning a lot of heads with never before seen colours, sizes, and patterns. When I first laid eyes on Barry Nash’s wicked new line of big water Great Lakes trolling spoons I was excited to put them to the test. I started using these spoons last season and they’ve without a doubt put more fish in the boat. Barry Nash has over 35 years of charter experience on the Great Lakes and it shows. His hot colour combinations and aggressive action spoons quickly became a top choice on the Sea Gal. This season’s new line of Hookster patterns has us extremely excited yet again!” 

— Captain Craig Hall, Sea Gal Fishing Charters

Mike Genest and his team of Lake Ontario Charter Boat Captains are new additions to the Triple Threat Pro Team for 2022. 

— Captain Mike Genest, Fishin' Clinician Charters

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