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As the Captain of BLUE GOOSE FISHING CHARTERS, operating on the Great Lakes for 35 years, it's safe to say I've experienced a lifetime of memories on the water and have caught my fair share of fish along the way.  My family will tell you I also have a bit of an obsession when it comes to fishing tackle - ever searching for that 'perfect' lure that the fish just can't resist.   

However, experience proves that whatever colours were hot on the lake yesterday, may not necessarily work today.  Throughout my lifetime of fishing, I have definitely observed a distinct preference for certain colour combinations specific to water conditions or seasonal patterns for each species of fish and I'd like to share my knowledge with you.  My curated collection of winning HOT LURES brings a lifetime of experience into your tackle box.  Whether you are fishing for Walleye, Rainbow, Lakers, Salmon or Brown Trout, we have customized spoons in colour combinations and sizes that these fish cannot resist. 

As we all know though, fish are not always that predictable and they sometimes like to keep us guessing. The amount of tackle I collected over my lifetime just goes to prove that you don't always have that winning colour combination in your tackle box that (randomly) seems irresistible to the fish. We've likely all experienced how frustrating it can be while frantically searching every tackle shop around in hopes of finding that one 'hot' lure. 


So here's where it gets exciting!  In addition to my collection of HOT LURES we've also made it easy and affordable for you to customize your own spoons for that perfect colour combination that the fish just can't resist. Two shapes - Banana & Triple Threat provide five spoon sizes in high quality solid brass and an almost endless selection of tape colour combinations for both front and back allow you to get really creative with your lure design

Fishing is my happy place and it's brought me a lifetime of amazing memories. There's no place I'd rather be than on the boat with rods in the water and freshly caught dinner in the cooler.  I'm hoping Triple Threat Lures can bring you the same success I've had and will help you make wonderful memories of your special time spent on the lake with your family and friends. 

Fish on!

Captain Barry

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