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Clear coated brass, high performing, elongated teardrop-shaped spoons with top quality holographic, super glow and/or UV tapes in our hottest hitting colour combinations.
 Four spoon sizes to choose from: 
3" Mini, 4" Mid, 4-1/2" Magnum & 5-1/4"Super Magnum.

All spoons include high quality Worth zinc-coated, spring-tempered steel split rings with 65-85 lb test ratings. Two optional treble hooks can be added - either Eagle Claw #375 2X strong Bright Nickel or Premium 2X strong high Carbon Steel and Alloy Torpedo Tournament treble hooks 

Most Triple Threat lure patterns also include an eye -  either flat red rimmed or a chartreuse 3D moulded eye with an oblong pupil.
Research suggests that eyes on a lure play a critical role in attracting more bites! 
All customizable with many great options to choose from!
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