Do you buy tires?

We DO NOT accept tires. If you sell us a vehicle, trailer, farm implement, other item that has tires on it, we will be sending rubber back home with you. This means that either: A. We will lift the item so that you can loosen the lugnuts and take the tires and rims off/home with you. (Make sure you bring an appropriately sized 4-way if you choose to do this.) B. We will give you just the rubber portion of tires that have already been cut off the rim. These tires will not be your exact tires, but will be approximately the same size/weight as the tires you brought to us. The only exception to this is if you bring us a bicycle, lawnmower, or ATV that still has tires on it. Those tires are small enough that we do not worry about them.

Do you buy cardboard?

D&W Salvage only purchases cardboard in LARGE quantities (thousands of pounds at a time) and on a case-by-case basis. Please call us at 989-269-6829 to inquire about large quantities of cardboard.

Do you buy electric motors?

Yes. As long as they are AC motors with copper windings. We will not pay electric motor price for DC motors or those with aluminum windings--these items simply are purchased as Tin/Miscellaneous. Electric motors may be encased in a steel cover, BUT any large pulleys, pieces of steel, or squirrel cages must be removed. If the outside casing is cast aluminum, it is very possible that the wire within is copper-coated aluminum wire--in which case we will not pay electric motor price for these motors. To check whether the windings are copper-coated aluminum, use a file to scratch the wire windings. If the center of the wires/windings are a white or silver color, they are aluminum wires and thus, we will only buy them for tin price.

Do you buy windows and doors?

We will purchase window and door FRAMES as long as they are made of metal and do not contain any glass, plastic, rubber, or foam.

What type of batteries do you buy?

We only buy lead-acid batteries. These include most car, truck, ATV, lawnmower, and golf cart batteries. Steel encased batteries are acceptable, but are purchased as a separate commodity with their own pricing structure. We DO NOT buy alkaline, NiCad, or rechargable/power tool batteries, and we ABSOLUTELY do NOT accept Absolyte, GNB, or Champion brand batteries.

Do you buy TVs & computer monitors?

Computer monitors and televisions (TVs) contain very little metal and are mostly made of glass and/or plastic. For this reason we do not purchase these items.

Do you buy extension cords/household cords?

Yes, they are purchased as insulated copper wire. However, if your cords contain a large, plastic A/C adapter, an industrial-size plug end, or ends that have connector pins and/or thumb screws, you will need to remove the plug-end before bringing your cords to us.

Do you buy trailer homes, campers, and/or motor homes?

We do not buy complete trailer homes, campers, or motor homes due to the large quantity of wood, insulation, and other non-metal material they contain. However, if you tear apart your trailer homes, campers, or motor homes and bring us just the bare metal, we would be happy to accept that material from you.

Do you buy refrigerators, freezers, and/or air conditioners?

We will purchase refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners as long as the freon gas within the unit has been properly removed. If the compressor and lines are still within the unit, documentation verifying that the freon was removed must be provided.

Do you buy propane, acetylene, oxygen, and/or fuel tanks?

For the safety of our personnel, we do not accept ANY sealed containers. In order to be accepted: --Propane and oxygen tanks must have the valves completely removed and/or have a visible hole in them. --Fuel tanks must be COMPLETELY drained of any liquid or sludge and have a hole cut in them large enough for us to see inside (12" by 12" is the ideal size of hole). Because of their construction, we CANNOT accept acetylene tanks of any kind.

Do you buy Christmas lights, computer cables, and/or phone cables?

Yes. However, there are some guidelines when it comes to Christmas Lights, Computer Cables, and/or Phone Cables: 1. Keep them separate from any other insulated copper wiring you may have. This is because the ratio of copper to insulation is different than other forms of insulated copper wiring. 2. The bulbs must be removed if you have the Christmas lights with the larger sized bulbs (think the old-fashioned style). However, if you have the newer-style with the miniature bulbs, you can leave them right on the strand. 3. Any large plastic AC adaptors or ends that have connector pins and/or thumb screws must be cut off the wire and discarded.

Do you buy appliances (stoves, washing machines, dishwashers)?

Yes. We purchase all types of household appliances as Tin/Miscellaneous. Refrigerators, freezers, and/or air conditioners will be purchased as Tin/Miscellaneous as long as the freon has been properly removed.

Do you buy coaxial cable as insulated copper wire?

Coaxial cable is never purchased as insulated copper wire. The ratio of foam/insulation to copper wiring is far too great. Instead, it can be purchased as Christmas Lights/Computer Cable if the following criteria are met: 1. The steel connection ends must be cut off. 2. If you allow a magnet to hang freely near your coaxial cable, it will NOT draw to it. (If the magnet does draw to the cable, then there is steel somewhere in the cable and it is puchased as Tin/Miscellaneous.)

Do you buy fiberglass boats?

No. Fiberglass is a non-metallic material, and therefore we have no way to recycle it. However, if you remove any metal off of your boat, we would be happy to accept and pay you for the metal portion only.