Blue Jay

Standard with Blue Squiggle Spine on Silver Standard Scale. Options available for back tape and  hook option. **For Hookster patterns on Banana spoons, see Banana Threat page**

Blue Jay

Back Tape
  • Solid brass, high performing, elongated teardrop-shaped spoons with high quality WitchCraft tapes & eyes in our hottest hitting colour combinations. Four spoon sizes to choose from: 3" Mini, 4" Mid, 4-1/2" Magnum & 5-1/4" Super Magnum. Standard with brass finish on back, and include high quality rings. Custom options available at a $0.50 upcharge each, holographic or glow tape on back. High quality treble hooks can also be added for $1.00 which includes the additional cost of packaging/shipping as hooks are required to be packed and shipped in a box. Spoons without hooks will generally ship in a quality bubble mailer. 

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