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Hyper Vis Tape - Pack of 3 Strips

Hyper Vis Tape - Pack of 3 Strips

SKU: 8261867717761

Hyper Vis Shimmering Attractor Tape - Pack of 3 Strips.  Each strip is 2" x 8".  


Hyper Vis tape reflects and refracts light giving the illusion of motion along with extreme flashes and incredible colour.  It's unparalleled in attracting fish, especially in deep, dark waters.  


Hyper Vis Glow is one of the brightest and longest lasting glow tapes on the market.  Hyper Vis Neon and Neon UV tapes have embeded sparkles that fluoresce light. 


Mix and match colours to build you own tape packs.   

  • Product Details

    Hyper Vis Shimmering Attractor Tape captures and refracts light from every angle.  It's biggest benefit is that it can capture a very small amount of light and refract radiantly and in a way that gives the illusion of motion. 

    Made with industrial strength adhesive to stay put even in the most wet and harsh environments. 

  • Shipping Info

    If purchasing only Hyper Vis tapes or die cuts, select Canada Post shipping option for free shipping via regular mail.  

    If purchasing a combination of tapes and other merchandise, select Expedited Shipping where $19.99 shipping charge will apply for all orders under $110.  Orders over $110 ship free. 

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