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Lake Erie Captain's Pack 25

Lake Erie Captain's Pack 25

SKU: 2236268281861

25 of our hottest Lake Erie trolling spoons with free shipping!  Regular retail value: $282.25.  Pack includes 8 Banana's, 2  Mini's and 15 4" Triples, all with 2X Eagle Claw Treble Hooks.  Banana's:  Blue Lagoon, Purple Chameleon, Bumblebee with Glow ladder back, Greasy Chicken Wing, Silver Perch, Night Vision with Glow ladder back, Citrus Bliss, Tutti Frutti.  Mini Triples: Pink Panties, Orange Crush.  4" Triples:  Wonderbread 2.0, Sea Gal Slayer, Pun'kin, Willie Wonka, Kevorkian, Northern Lights, Pink Kamikaze, Gerry Lee, Bloody Nose, Gumball, Blue Bayou, Flamingo, Piston Proud, Gator Gum, Shrewsbury. 

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