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Lake Huron Captain's Pack 25

Lake Huron Captain's Pack 25

SKU: 7765268281861

25 of our hottest Lake Huron trolling spoons with free shipping!  Regular retail value: $292.75.  Pack includes 4 Banana's, 15 4" Triples and 6 Magnums, all with 2X Eagle Claw Treble Hooks.  Banana's:  Glitter Bug, Purple Nurple, Blue Lagoon, Bumblebee with Glow ladder back.  4" Triples:  Piston Proud, Watermelon 2.0, Willie Wonka, Raspberry Carbon w/ Glow Back, Wonderbread 2.0, Kermit, Spotted Bloody Nose, Yager Bomb, Chilly Willy, Silver Lining, Flamingo, Kevorkian, Late Night, Alewife OCD, Parrothead.  Magnums:  Hyper Carbon with Glow Back, King Kryptonite, Glow Dot Reaper, Disco Duck 2.0, Emerald Shiner, Laker Taker.

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